Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year Reflections

Planning and Integrating School wide projects are an enormous collaborative effort, and they are completely worth while when watching the joy of all students learning and creating in the classroom, and their pride and excitement participating in large events.  So far this year students have created another amazing "Pumpkin Installation" on the Hazen trails in October, decorative "Felted Insects" for table decorations at the Harvest Dinner in November, and "3-D Luminaries" culminating in a "River of Light" parade up Main Street in December.  WOW!

Looking ahead students will continue to create with different art forms to construct meaning and show their understanding of the world.  The Kindergarten Artists are working on "snowy" compositions in 2-D and 3-D media.  "Printmaking" is the focus of the First and Second Graders.  Third Graders are finishing "Winter Murals".  The Fourth Grade is learning about focal point through drawing.  Artists in Fifth Grade are working on "Color Wheel Designs".  While Sixth Graders are studying radial design and creating "Recycled Mosaics".

Happy New Year!