Friday, September 22, 2017

"Kindness Rocks!"

Connecting with community partners and modeling collaboration is an important part of being an artist and teacher.  So when Juedevine Youth Librarian, Diane Grenkow forwarded me a link about a project that Community Allies member Rhonda Barr was involved in called "Hardwick Rocks!", I brought the idea to 5th Grade Teacher Lisa Forbes and her students who wanted to be involved too.

Fifth Graders are creating their own "Kindness Rocks" and placing them around the school and community.  Their goal is to spread kind words and bring joy to others through their art making.  If you happen to see a "Kindness Rock" we hope the message will make you smile, have a good feeling inside, and think about how you can be kind to others too.  Collaboration Rocks!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Art is the language of Pictures!

One of my greatest joys is the excitement of starting a new school year and getting back into the flow of creating with students. All grade levels are immersed and engaged with art making that stimulates their imagination, practices reflective thinking, hones observation and close research skills, as well as, encourages collaboration, persistence and creative problem solving. Knowing blogging is not my chosen medium, I am going to try really hard to post snapshots of the Art Studio so you can share this wonderful adventure with us.  Enjoy and feel free to remind me if you do not see your students class posted. - Mrs. LeCours