Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Paint Stick Challenge...

Brattleboro Museum Education Curator, Linda Whelihan, and fellow VATA (Vermont Art Teachers Association) board member provided educators at the VATA Fall Conference last month with paint sticks and challenged students to create something using them.  

Hardwick Elementary third and fourth graders took the challenge and created "Paint Stick Pixies". Their mischievous elves and fairies adorned the recycled gardens at the schools Annual Harvest Dinner last week.  Students used googley eyes, sharpies and lots of recycled materials to personify their paint sticks into super hero's, sports figures, dancers, aliens, princesses and much more...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin Power!

Engaged and excited best describes the energy around this event.  Every grade level participated in creating for the Annual Pumpkin Walk - Art Installation to be held on the Hazen Trails this Sunday at 6:00pm.  Come experience the beauty and pride of all the students work.  

THANK YOU to all the handy helpers, (Holly, Jessica, Tanya, Etta, Jen, Natalie, Madison, Katelin, and Abby.) the Hardwick Rec & Trails Committee, and Ron Wiesen (the pumpkin man)!