Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Luminary Lantern Parade

Twas the night before River of Light, and all thru the art room  
Not a lantern was glowing, not even the moon.
The luminaries were hanging from the ceiling with care
in hopes that the students would soon be there.
Tea lights were dangling all snug in zip bags
with visions of brightness and shadows moving in zigs and zags.
Mrs. LeCours had just removed her smock for the day,
and all the children went off to their homes to rest and play
when all of a sudden the lights blinked on one by one.
Was it magic or lack of sleep, the classroom was as bright as the sun.
Anticipating the joy of celebratory parade 
the structures created were all hand made.
So with a full heart and kind smile come see 
a lantern parade performed by the Hardwick Elementary community.

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