Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pottery Exhibition

The art studio has been transformed into a classroom gallery with Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Pottery on display for one day only! 

Kindergarteners formed and glazed their first "Pinch Pots".  "Nightlight Owls" with score and slip joins were made by the First Graders.  "Decorative Slab Leaves" demonstrate lots of textures by Second Grade Artists.  Third Graders crafted "Traditional Bowls" using their knee to form them.  "Red Clay Coil Pots" were carefully constructed by Fourth Graders.  The Fifth Grade had the challenge of creating a "Clay Set" using personal ideas for inspiration.  While Sixth Grade modeled "Clay Masks" after artifacts researched from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Come enjoy the beauty, craftsmanship and wonderful continuum of learning students demonstrate with their hand made earth clay creations.

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